Welcome to St-Gelais Micro and Nano Systems Lab at the University of Ottawa! Our group focuses on harnessing recent progress from fundamental nanoscience and translate them into new applied technologies.

In other words, we aim to engineer nano machines using fun stuff that scientists discover at the very small scale!

We are currently interested in studying the interplay of thermal, mechanical, optical, and electronic phenomena in novel custom-made micro and nano systems that will fulfill the following goals:

  • Direct conversion of heat to electricity using thermal radiation at the nanoscale
  • Ultra-precise infrared and THz light detection using extremely low loss mechanical resonators
  • Ultra-precise vibration sensing using high Q factor mechanical resonators
  • Coherent thermal light source using high temperature nanostructures

More details on our research page, and people page. Please feel free to contact Prof. St-Gelais with inquiries about research or potential research postions.

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